If i had to describe myself, Nelson Ndongala aka WHO?DU!NELSON in three words it would be:
Football x Fashion/Sneakers and Photography.  These three topics describe me as a person. Everyone who knows me knows that these three topics are my passion and my identity.

For a long time now the most beautiful game in the world has not just been Football but much more and Fashion is a part of it. the game’s new wave of young Athletes are changing Football more and more. On and Off the pitch Football now runs the streets. since Football and Fashion are now inseparable, it was time to tell my story about my love for one of the biggest clubs:
my club Arsenal London.

My love for this club is reflected in various jersey purchases. It started with 2-3 jersey purchases on ebay and now over the past years it has grown into a collection of 58 jerseys ranging from vintage ones to the newest pieces. I have now staged the jerseys in a Fashion/Sneaker context with friends of mine by doing a big Fotoshooting and i’ve put all my heart into it. 

The story I want to tell is Football x Fashion x Sneaker  x Photography – “For the love of Arsenal x Fashion & Sneaker”.

Arsenal is identity. Arsenal is language. Arsenal is appropriate. Arsenal is empowerment. Arsenal is connection. Arsenal is unique. Arsenal is style. Arsenal is family. Arsenal is a way of life.